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Getting Devicebook Smart Home is easy. Just follow the steps below.


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Step 1: Find a Contractor
Locate and call a Devicebook contractor in your area. If you can't find a Devicebook contractor servicing your area, you can recommend your preferred contractor to Devicebook. Simply leave their contact and we will reach out to get them set up with Devicebook.
Find Contractors
Get DesignGet DesignDesign
Step 2: Get Design & Pricing
The Devicebook contractor will consult with you to understand your needs either in-home or virtually. The contractor will then create a design for your smart home. The design will include the specific devices chosen to match your home and where they will be installed. The Devicebook contractor will send you designs with pricing for your smart home project. Once you accept a proposal, the work starts!
Step 3: Schedule Installation
On the day of your appointment, the Devicebook contractor will install devices in your home and test your smart home to your satisfaction.
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Step 4: Smart Home is Ready!
Once the installation is complete, you will receive an email to download the Devicebook App. Enjoy your smart home! If you need help in future, remember Devicebook contractors are just a phone call away.
Download Devicebook
Replacing LightbulbReplacing LightbulbUpgrade Home
We know life events happen - new family member, parents aging, and more. Over time you might find that you need additional smart home solutions, or you may need to modify existing ones. We designed Devicebook to make it simple and affordable to upgrade your home anytime in the future. Installing more solutions into your home can be done cost-effectively, since many Devicebook solutions can re-use the devices you already have. (For example, Motion Sensors are used for both Smart Lighting and Self-Monitored Security).
When you are ready to upgrade, call a Devicebook contractor to get started.