Connect your IoT devices to Devicebook's infrastructure to make it available for IoT applications

Devicebook is the all-in-one platform bringing your devices to all sorts of IoT applications.
We Build Your Contractor Sales Channels
Contractors can seamlessly integrate your devices into IoT solutions to fit their clients' needs.
We Bring You IoT Customers
Let us help you effortlessly break into the 300+ billion dollar IoT Market.
Why Devicebook
Save time, money, and effort. Devicebook makes it easy.
We'll Handle the Apps and UI
All you need to do is create the device driver (Softdevice)
We'll automatically integrate your devices into customized IoT applications.
Comprehensive Development Environment
Development, debugging, publishing, and cloud services, all integrated with our Windows app and Devicebook Hub.
Automatic Softdevice generation for thousands of devices
Integrated Device Test Platform
Automated functional and stress testing for your device and Softdevice
You'll have peace of mind that your device is working properly in every installation.
Unlimited Device Types, Expansive Protocols
We integrate a wide variety of device types, from switches and motion sensor to door locks and water shut-off valves, and the list is always growing!
We support a growing range of popular communication protocols.
All You Need To Do?
Make a Softdevice.
Softdevices are drivers that connect devices to the Devicebook system via the Devicebook Hub.
We provide a full-fledged platform for Softdevice development, testing, debugging, publishing, cloud services, and more.
Did you know?
Z-Wave devices that implement the Z-wave standard require very little engineering work to integrate with Devicebook. You can create the Softdevices for most Z-wave devices in just one click.
How It Works
Working with Devicebook is easy! After just three steps, you can sit back and enjoy.
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Create Softdevice
  1. Download Windows App
  2. Develop Softdevice
  3. Validate Softdevice
Publish Softdevice
  1. Publish Softdevice
  2. Publish Updates Anytime
Sit Back and Relax
We'll take it from here
Your devices will be featured in IoT applications powered by Devicebook.
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