Devicebook brings you intelligent lighting when, where, and how you want it.

Home Lit Up at Night
Smart Controls for Your Entire Home's Lights
With Devicebook, you have the flexibility to choose as many smart lights as you want in your home. Control lights for a room, a group of rooms, or the entire home as you want with a single touch or voice command. Built-in secure remote access enables you to turn off your lights from anywhere.
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Intelligent Motion Lighting
Devicebook Smart Presence can turn on lights automatically when an area is occupied, and turn them off when it's vacant. Never fumble in the dark again, as your home intelligently lights up for you. With Devicebook, you are always in control - you choose which lights and which sensors are automated.
Intelligent Illuminance-Based Lighting
Intelligent Illuminance-Based Lighting
Devicebook can turn on lights in any location of your home based on the natural brightness of the area. No more need to turn your driveway lights on and off each day: your driveway and yard can become illuminated automatically when it's dark!
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Voice Control with Alexa
Effortlessly control your smart lights with your voice. Devicebook seamlessly integrates with Amazon Alexa, so you can ask Alexa to dim your lights or turn them on and off.
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Personalized Automation
Automate your life by creating your own Devicebook routines for bedtime, wakeup time, out of home, vacation and more. You can also automate turning on or off your lights at specific times and days to save energy and maximize convenience.
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Reduced Electricity Bill
Save money on your electricity bill with Devicebook Lighting's intelligent lighting automations. You can set lights to turn on and off automatically on a schedule, or set them up to turn off automatically when an area of the home is unoccupied.

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