Water Safety

Devicebook prevents costly and soggy messes caused by water leaks in your house.

Leaky Pipe
Water Leak Monitoring
Prevent costly damage to your floors and your home by monitoring for water leaks. Using real-time data from water leak sensors, Devicebook monitors your home for water leaks and notifies you promptly whenever a leak is detected in your home so you can take corrective action.
Hand turning a valve
Smart Water Shut-Off Valve
With the Smart Water Shut-Off Valve, you can turn off water in your home from anywhere so you can stop water damage to your home.
Water Leak in Living Room
Rain Protection
Forgetting to close your windows when it rains can lead to costly water damage to your sills, walls and floor. Devicebook can automatically alert you if a window or door is open while it's raining.
Family from Behind
Choose Responders
Designate family, friends, or neighbors you trust as responders to water leak alerts. When a water leak is detected in your home, your responders will be nofied automatically.

Water Safety Solution

Feature Specification


The device types that will be included in this solution

Water Leak Detection
Water Shut Off Control
Rain Protection

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