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Smart Controls for Entire Home's Shades
With Devicebook, you have the flexibility to choose any number of smart shades you want to install in your home. Control shades for a room, a group of rooms, or the entire home as you want with a single touch or voice command. Built-in secure remote access enables you to control your shades from anywhere.
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Voice Control with Alexa
Effortlessly control the shades in your home with your voice. Devicebook seamlessly integrates with Amazon Alexa so you can ask Alexa to open or close shades for your entire home.
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Personalized Automation to get Sunshine and Privacy
Let the sun work for you by automating shades based on your routine. Gently raise shades to soak your room with sunshine in the morning as you wake up, position blinds to optimally heat or cool your room during the day, and close blinds at night for added privacy. You can also automate your shades at specific times and days for maximum convenience.
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Match Your Style
Devicebook offers you the choice of picking the brand and model of devices you want for your home. Select new motorized shades from your favorite brand or save money by automating the shades you already own.
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Reduced Electricity Bill
Smart shades help regulate the temperature of your home and make it more energy efficient. You can either remotely control your shade position or set a customized schedule based on time or position of the sun.

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